We at Datatons strive to democratize access to the world of Big Data and Analytics, allowing companies of all sizes to benefit from better informed Business decision-making.

We take advantage of our extensive experience in data processing to incorporate bleeding-edge innovation to various sectors beyond the world of Information Technology. Our solutions always begin with business needs in order to offer competitive projects, with excellent results.




At Datatons we pride ourselves of listening to our clients to better understand their business needs and offer solutions that add value. In addition to implementing these solutions, we integrate and maintain them over time, helping to adapt them to changes and ensure the projects’ success.

Our highly qualified team is capable of translating business problems and needs into technological solutions that drive decision-making for business growth. The efficient use of new technologies allows us to offer creative and agile responses, such as:

    • Customer segmentation and knowledge.
    • Predictive Maintenance.
    • Demand forecast.
    • Supply chain optimization.
    • Product recommendation.
    • Real-time monitoring of business parameters.


Big Data has drastically changed the way in which companies make use of data, enabling them to go far beyond what is stored in their own systems (ERP, CRM, databases, applications, etc.) and being able to enhanced these with many other external sources in order to obtain a much more detailed context (environment, social networks, trends, etc.).

Taking advantage of these techniques has traditionally been difficult and expensive. Fortunately, we at Datatons we have been working in the field for many years and our familiarity allows us to offer top quality service at an affordable price. Among our services we offer:

    • Big Data platforms deployment and orchestration, both in cloud and on-prem.
    • Fast image, sound and video processing with GPUs.
    • Usage of external data via APIs or Web Scraping.
    • Scalable storage and NoSQL databases.
    • Integration with existing tools and support for development teams.
    • Data security and audit, checking possible breaches of sensitive data according to GDPR.



At Datatons we believe that technology is just a means to achieve a business end. In this spirit, Data Science should go beyond the number-crunching and provide intuitive results visualization in order to help decision-making.

Traditional analytics and Business Intelligence allow us to understand structured data, but we exploit recent Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques to obtain reliable and powerful results in a much broader context:

    • Identification of patterns and trends.
    • Event prediction and preventive actions.
    • Image and voice recognition.
    • Automated or guided learning.
    • Reports and dashboard generation.
    • Data cleanup and QA.


COPERNIKA is an analytical tool oriented to e-commerce, more specifically to those who sell fashion products, allowing them to easily consolidate all the information produced by the tools required for the proper development of their activity.

COPERNIKA provides a web interface where you can make the most of the data generated by your activity, detect follower patterns in social networks, see product trends to discover future best sellers or open new market niches. This greatly facilitates decision making and will allow you to get more out of your business.



Datatons is formed by a multidisciplinary team of professionals that includes business consultants, data scientists and big data engineers who collaborate to provide a global vision of your project.

We are committed to innovation and technological excellence as a pillar of our company. Knowledge, motivation for a job well done and creativity are intrinsic values that define the day to day within our team.


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