Storing and analysing all your data will enable your business to know your clients in much more detail and offer them tailor-made solutions.

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Storing and analysing all your data will enable your business to know your clients in much more detail and offer them tailor-made solutions.

Business Analytics

Business Analytics

Having immediate access to large amounts of relevant information can make a huge difference between you and your competitors.

Arquitectura Big Data

Big Data Architecture

Storing large volumes of data and perform efficient analysis on them requires new technologies capable of performing reliably.

Integración de sistemas

Systems Integration

Hadoop can be integrated with a big range of BI, visualization and data access tools, so you can continue using them as before.

Arquitectura HPC

HPC Architecture

High Performance Computing techniques are a solution to science and engineering problems that require complex processing of vast amounts of data.




Datatons offers business-oriented services that apply different analytical processes to your data enabling you to obtain useful information to take better decisions.

    • Effective and fast decision taking.
    • Better customer knowledge.
    • Custom models to fit your needs.
    • Accurate business opportunity detection.
    • Efficient scheduling of process and resources.


Hadoop is an Open Source Big Data solution that will allow your business to store all the data volume you need at a low cost and in a highly scalable way, together with an agile access and the possibility of performing predictive analysis on them.

      • Increase in storage capacity and data access speed.
      • Replicated data, greater resiliency against problems.
      • High degree of scalability.
      • Integration with BI tools and existing relational databases.
      • Allows deep analysis of your data.
      • Low cost.


    Deploying the Big Data platform is as much important as being able to connect each work tool with the stored data in the own platform in a comfortable and efficient way for your employees.

    • Connector.Connector.

      We deploy and integrate those tools so that you can continue to use them in your business environment.

    • Connector.Connector.

      Hadoop allows the integration with many BI tools, visualization apps, data accesses…


    At Datatons, we build and maintain HPC infrastructures oriented to intensive calculations using different queue managers, along with the resource management within the platform.

    The High Performance Computing has been demanded traditionally in the scientific community. Its implantation in the industry is growing due to the necessity to resolve complex processes like:

        • Big Data management.
        • Real time applications.
        • Process simulation.


      SUR is a business analytical tool that allows to visualize the value of the customers in an automatic and easy way.

      SUR provides a web interface to see how your customers are classified per business value, how to move them to a higher business segment, attract high value customers for your business and detect their behaviour patterns.

      A perfect tool to know your customers better.

      ABOUT US

      ABOUT US

      Datatons is formed by multidisciplinary professional team with diverse profiles like Big Data Architects, Systems Engineers and Data Scientists allowing a global vision of your project to be executed.

      We invest in innovation and new technologies as a powerful tool to grow the company. Knowledge, experience, love for a work well done, responsibility and creativity are our intrinsic values which define the day-to-day within our team.

      Jorge Vidal | Account Manager

      Jorge Vidal

      Big Data Account Manager

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      Inés Huertas | Account Manager

      Inés Huertas

      Chief Data Scientist

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      Carlos Izquierdo| Account Manager

      Carlos Izquierdo

      Chief Big Data Systems Architect

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